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This is where we tell you how great we are. We brag about our super fresh seafood, our award winning service, and our highly skilled professional staff. The problem is that you won't believe us.

At The Fish Peddler and PT Fish, we are Fishmongers plain and simple. The Twiss Family has been in the seafood business for over forty years. We really know our seafood, but how do we convince you the consumer?

The only way you will know if we are as good as we claim is to make the first move. Drop by, call, fax, email, or send us a message in a bottle. You have nothing to lose and you just might gain a life time of delicious seafood.

  • "Voted #1 Fish & Seafood Market by The Miami Herald and Sun-Sentinel"
  • "Endorsed by USA Today, Food & Wine, Eating Well, and Seafood Leader Magazines"
  • "Named Small Business of the Year by the Sunrise Chamber of Commerce"
  • "Named Company of the Year by The Southeastern Fisheries Association"

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