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In the late nineteen sixties, Mike Twiss moved to Cape Cod to follow his dream full time. He became a commercial fisherman. Eventually Mike's passion expanded into a full scale wholesale fish company. A few years later, Mike talked his younger brother Paul into opening a fish business in South Florida. With little more than a promise to pay, Paul began peddling fish From the back of a borrowed flower truck. And that as they say, is history.

Today, the next generation of Twiss boys, Chris and Rob, run the day to day operations in South Florida. Our wholesale division, PT Fish, delivers fresh fish and seafood from all over the world to South Florida's finest restaurants and retail markets. We also own and operate two superb retail markets in Florida : The Fish Peddler in Sunrise, and Indian River Seafood in Sebastian. In addition, we can ship seafood anywhere in the country via Fedex and UPS, whether you own a four star restaurant or a four bedroom house.

Own a yacht? We can provide all of your seafood needs for a weekend cruise or a sail around the world!

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From Rags to Fishes

Rob Twiss (left) and father Paul Twiss (right)